Welcome to The Globetrotting Extraordinaire!

Welcome to The Globetrotting Extraordinaire! This has been a long time coming! After finally talking friends and coworkers advice, I have launched this site! I have had people come up and ask me a lot of questions about travel in the past few years. How do you get there? What is there to do when I get there? What do you recommend to dine and see? This will be the place for all your answers! I will also be posting and cross referencing via different social media accounts. You can follow me at:

Facebook: The Globetrotting Extraordinaire


Twitter: @Globetrotextra

Snapchat: globetrotextra

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ucs7hbiqepsaiimpc3oy3tpa

I hope to live up to your expectations and want feedback from what you all want to see more of! Thanks for joining me, I hope you enjoy the ride!